I am a Canadian with Spanish origins. I lived most of my life in Montreal, Québec and a few years in Spain and Paris, France.

When I was a young boy I loved to draw and replicate images of people and super heroes, I eventually discovered a taste for music. Played the trumpet and the guitar. Then as a young adult I discovered photography which became the basis for what I do now. In filmmaking, I can do all of that; fantasy, music, images still or in movement, with a classical look or not, my imagination is the only limit.

I was an amateur photographer all my life and in 2012, I discovered Timelapse Photography. That was all I needed to make the big jump and since August of 2012, I dedicate myself exclusively to filmmaking using this technique.

I decided to publish my work using my artist name, which I owe to an idea from my daughter. I became Nobilis Bellator, which is Latin for Noble Warrior, and is the etymological meaning of my real Spanish last name which has Arabic origins and it’s meaning is “Warrior”, so I was told. So now you know!

Film ALLEGORIA Official Selection                                            TIMELAPSE FILM FESTIVAL 2016

Film TENGO MIEDO Official Selection in                                 Timelapse Showfest

Film TENGO MIEDO Official Selection in                                 Timelapses El Castillo

Read my guest post in                                                                  The Time Lapse Network

Film I AM AFRAID official selection in                                     Tetotovo Film Festival 2015

Featured on TLN in                                                                       The Time Lapse Network

Film ALLEGORIA featured in                                                      Time Lapse Italia

Film ALLEGORIA selected in category                                      BEST of TLN 2016

Film ALLEGORIA Winner of AWARDEO.TV                               Video Of The Week

Hollywood Int’l Independent Documentary                          Winner Timelapse

TMFF Review of ALLEGORIA                                                    TMFF Review of ALLEGORIA

DSOFFest Direct Short Online Film Festival                           Winner April BEST FILM

Winner in 5th Finisterra Arrábida Festival                             Places in History Category

TMFF Review of THE WINERY                                                   TMFF Review of The Winery

All my work is available for licensing as complete films or individual clips. Please contact me for pricing details.


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