An allegorical representation of a very old historical construction that has become a monument and is given a human conscience thru the poem of Noufel Bouzeboudja with narration by Conrad Harvey and music by Bamboocha.
ALLEGORIA is a call for the protection of our night skies endangered by humans that make bad use of urban lighting which wastes tremendous amount of energy and contaminates the night skies. 80 Percent of Americans Can’t See the Milky Way Anymore. Read more about this topic here.

Since its release in February 2016, ALLEGORIA has become an award winning documentary experimental film. Using Timelapse Photography as the main filming technique this Cinematic Poem has now been screened on five continents in world famous Festivals. It has received great reviews and has led the way to creating a new style in the production of Timelapse based films.

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TMFF – The Monthly Film Festival wrote:

ALLEGORIA’ by Nobilis Bellator is a very special breed of experimental. Based on a poem by Noufel Bouzeboudja, ‘ALLEGORIA’ explores, in a lyrical way, the roots of humanity. Conrad F. Harvey recites the poem in the background while a time-lapse video with ambient music offers a transcendental experience.

 ‘ALLEGORIA’ is a powerful lyrical discourse about humanity and its deep secrets. Focusing on triggering the viewer’s emotions, the short experimental aims for finding clues about existential issues such as power, freedom or righteousness. It is all subtly suggested, it is all just a feeling while listening to the poem and watching the video. Nobilis Bellator’s experimental transcends time and space to bring to surface similarities between the past and the present human behaviour. Human desires, dreams and feelings haven’t changed and neither have the deeds. While the common yearning for breaking the limits and reaching for the highest of hopes echoes somewhere in the background, greed for power limits the human spirit in its quest to reach its full potential.

 ‘ALLEGORIA’ is the silent scream in all of us: the scream for hope, the powerful will, eager to push to action, the lost orientations of spirituality that drives a man in search for answers, that gives him the necessary truthfulness in approaching lives.

 A truly fascinating experimental short film, an initiation in wisdom!

MUSTAFA ZAVERI – Author Writer & Filmmaker wrote:

A stunning experimental film using time-lapse photography. Must Watch!!!

Allegoria is a stunning experimental film using time-lapse photography. The visuals are just mesmerizing and breathtaking! In this hyper- connected digital age where people barely take time out to look up from their gadgets and talk to other people, let alone find time to look up at the night sky and marvel at the size of the cosmos and our place in it, Nobilis Bellator reminds us through his beautiful film that the universe is always there to add to our sensual, emotional, and intellectual pleasures if we look up and ponder for a change. We’re quite literally children of the stars as we’re built from stardust, so let’s spare some time to disconnect from our empty and wired lives and instead connect with our rich and hardwired instincts of our love and curiosity for nature called ‘Biophilia'(which, according to a theory of the legendary biologist E. O. Wilson, is an innate and genetically determined affinity of human beings with the natural world).

The Making of: ALLEGORIA